2023_09_28_Brill Academic Publishers: “Humanitarian Islam”

Leading academics explore the significance of Indonesia’s Humanitarian Islam movement in a volume published by Brill

“Humanitarian Islam can, indeed, be analyzed as a powerful discursive strategy of Indonesian foreign policy”
~ From the Introduction to “Humanitarian Islam”

LEIDEN, Netherlands and VIENNA, Austria — In August 2023, one of continental Europe’s oldest and most prestigious academic publishers released an edited volume compiling analyses of Indonesia’s “Humanitarian Islam” movement by some of the world’s leading scholars of Islam in Europe and the United States.

Co-published by Brill (est. 1683) and the University of Vienna (est. 1365), Humanitarian Islam: Reflecting on an Islamic Concept was co-edited by Dr. Rüdiger Lohlker and Dr. Katharina Ivanyi, and appears as Volume 24 in a series titled “Religion and Transformation in Contemporary European Society.” With offices in Leiden, Boston, Paderborn, and Singapore, Brill publishes 275 journals and around 1,200 new books and reference works each year, all of which are subject to external peer review. Continue reading full communiqué…

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2023_08_16_The Economist

The Economist: “Indonesia wants to export moderate Islam”

The world’s largest Muslim-majority country enters the Islamic debate

WESTMINSTER, London — On 16 August 2023, the world’s most influential English-language news magazine published an article that confirms both Nahdlatul Ulama’s, and Indonesia’s, rising international influence. In a feature titled “Indonesia wants to export moderate Islam,” The Economist credited Nahdlatul Ulama for preserving Indonesia’s traditions of religious pluralism and tolerance, while projecting these values on the world stage.

The news story highlighted NU’s Centennial Proclamation, with its “call for the abandonment of the Caliphate,” and a 2019 fiqh (Islamic-jurisprudential) ruling that Muslims should “accept the reality of the nation state,” as well as “reject the concept of kafir, or infidel, and accept non-Muslims as fellow citizens.”   The Economist also noted the significance of the G20 Religion Forum (R20) and the ASEAN Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue Conference (IIDC), which Nahdlatul Ulama convened in November 2022 and August 2023, respectively. Continue reading full communiqué…

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