“USA Global Link… the industry leader.”

~ Wall Street Journal

“The undisputed king of callback is USA Global Link of Fairfield, Iowa.”

~ Global Telephony Magazine

“I have come to Fairfield to interview the high tech entrepreneurs behind Telegroup and USA Global Link, telecommunications firms whose wily use of callback technology helped break the spine of the world’s telephone monopolies…. To anyone who has made an international call and cursed its exorbitant cost, these guys are heroes.”

~ Wired Magazine

“‘When you break a monopoly, you break the monopoly paradigm,’ says Holland Taylor, chief executive officer of USA Global Link in Fairfield, Iowa, one of the largest callback providers. ‘You shatter the notion that government has the moral right to restrict free commerce and trade.’”

~ The Christian Science Monitor

“Niche players like Global Link are now emerging with the cash to compete with world telecom leaders.”

~ Toronto Globe and Mail

“USA Global Link, which ranked among the top 100 international carriers in a recent Federal Communications Commission study…”

~ Telephony Magazine

“Indosat Tackles Call-Back Specter with U.S. Deal… Indonesia’s state-run international phone company… has apparently decided that if you can’t beat them, join them.”

~ Asian Wall Street Journal

“Callback contributes to the economic growth of developing nations… by lowering the cost of international telecommunications and keeping more—rather than less—money at home.”

~ Communications Week International

“Callback and resale will prise open the international telephony market to competition, changing the industry structure irrevocably. As a result… the telecoms industry will become a market like any other. The telecoms industry will come of age.”

~ Ovum, London-based telecoms consultancy

“The World Trade Center Association will begin next month to promote callback services to the 300,000 companies that belong to World Trade Centers in 86 nations outside the United States. The promotional campaign is based on an arrangement between the WTCA and Fairfield, Iowa-based USA Global Link, one of the largest callback operators.”

~ Communications Week International